Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tidy Bedroom

Yes as the title says, I managed to clean my bedroom, after months of not doing so. The last time I saw it tidy was afer my birthday which is th end of February, and that is a long time ago D: This was a massive task for me and I don't know how I managed to live in there xD the thing that I found in there were disgusting I'm not going to say what coz it's too disturbing Dx I found many things that I though I have lost and some of my clothes that I forgot I even had :) it took me 3 hours just to be able to see the floor of my bedroom Dx another 30 minutes to clear up the desk and the chest of drawers ( only the top tho lets nit go into the inside of it) another 10 minutes to hover with my hence Hoover, the reason-too much crap on the floor. There is also the mountain of washed clothes waiting to be dryed and put into my wardrobe :) that needs to be done otherwise it will turn into what it was before. The reason for the state of my bedroom isn't laziness or untidiness, it's just I lack motivation to do anything =_= yes I lack motivation even if I have to revise for an exam, I just do it at the last minute... That sounds really bad but my grades aren't that bad, theyre alright. So what I need to do is get more motivated (it's gonna be hard) now if you read all of this you get a gold star and a cyber hug - hugs-

Love Ola :)

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