Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cute Bento ^^

Since my exams are over, I have been quite bored as there isn't any homework :L. On top of that my mum is never home because of her work, that means I have to cook my own dinner (not that i actually care). Usually I can't be bothered to do any, I just eat whatever's in the fridge >.<... to lazy.
Since I have so much time I decided to use a Japanese cooking book I got for my birthday to make a bento. I was really hungry and I didn't really mind the presentation of it.

The food in the container is 
Bottom: steamed rice
Top: Soboro (minced pork and egg) 
I added teriyaki sauce to the mince meat to add more flavor. The egg is like scrambled version of Tamagoyaki. 

The little rice balls are filled with pickled cucumber (because I'm Polish I have it in my house :D )
The rice is steamed and shaped into balls. 
To make the face I cut out a triangle out of carrot and used chocolate sprinkles for eyes ^^
The were yummy <3

And for some spam Bento pictures :L

I do not own any of these pictures :) 

Love Ola <3

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