Monday, 25 July 2011

Hyper Japan ♥

Hyper Japan :D It was really fun! A lot of Japanese things, heaven :P
A lot of pictures of me taken D: and so many interesting cosplays and lolitas :L

What I was wearing?
I was Luka Megurine (volcaloid), in Pajamas.
- pink wig borrowed form my friend
- blue nightie borrowed form my friend
-slippers, found at home
-gyaru inspired make-up

Now for some pictures :D

On the train to London, wearing a black wig that was meant for Ciel Phantomhive (but the colour was wrong) 

 With my Lolita friend Shannon 

 Little Chan :D (her blog) and Hannah as Grell from Kuroshitsuji 

Panty and Stocking in the middle :D  

 My 2 Mikus

 Rin Kagamine (volcaloid) Handmade xD

 Miku Hatsune (Rolling Girl) and Me, really want to cosplay that version 

Kanon Wakashima >.< She was soo amazing and pretty. Her voice is so gentle. She was wearing a white lolita dress, i assume it's branded, a black petticoat (i looked A_A), a hip long white wig, gloves and a small white hat with a vail. :D 
Sorry for the crap quality Dx

 Gakupo Kamui (volcaloid) Handmade xD 

 Sebastian Mitchelis (kuroshitsuji) 
 Our crew with Sebastian 
 Stockings and Me 
 Dark Link from Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess 

 Amazing cosplayers, they won  the cosplay competition

 Maaa FOOOOD  it was yummmyyyy

Now for my MERCH: 
 Beautiful Gaara figurine 

 Gaara key ring 

 Gaara phone strap
As you can see I'm a bit obsessed with Gaara <3
And Shinobi Life manga, good so far and the main character is HOT (male) 

Love Ola ^^

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