Thursday, 28 July 2011

Research Of Agejo Style

Ageha Magazine is mainly based on the style of Hostesses. Hostesses are girls who work as a companions to men at clubs, and not necessarily offering sexual service as their reputation applies. As Hostesses grew more popular Ageha Magazine was launched in October 2006, and more girls (not hostesses necessarily) began to be more interested in the style of Ageha.  Hostess is not the same as Agejo, an agejo doesnt have to be a Hostess and like wise

Agejo hair are big and puffy. Straight hair comes up more, then in other styles. Hair are often teases, straighten, curled and waved. The main colours are shades of Brown and Blond, sometime there are Agejo with Black hair, but it's very unusual. Also there aren't any extreme colours, such as pink, blue, etc. Like any other Gyaru, they use extension, half wigs, clip on bands, to increase the volume of their hair. 

Agejo make-up is more dramatic, with more blacks and darker colours, then brighter. They use thicker and longer eye lashes. Brown, Grey, Blue are the main circle lenses that are used, also Agejo like them bigger for more enlargement and dramatic effect. 

The are inspired by Hostesses. This style is mature, combination of sexy and cute. They are quite exposing, mostly it's the legs and cleavage. Agejo isn't as popular as other styles, but it's growing <3 The Agejo style shops are MA*RS, Ageha shop and Yumetenbou

Agejo nails are just as any other Gyaru would have them, 3D, long and colourful. They prefer to have more mature version tho, a bit more hardcore (more stuff stuck on them) :L 

Japanese Agejo girls prefer to keep their skin white, but sometimes you see Gaijin Agejo with tanned skin. Some of the important features is slim body and pushed up/big bust. 

Love Ola 

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  1. Bitch, I told you they didn't necessarily offer sex :L I will upload the pictures probably tomorrow ♥