Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Legends of Zelda Twilight Princess

YEEES ! Recently I got addicted to this game :) I'm sorry to those people who think ' OMG YOU ARE SOOO LATE' >.< I know I am... but I don't own Wii so I can only play when I'm round my step-grandparents.

Warning picture heavy ;)
Anyway straight to the topic, Link looks absolutely HOT.


This is an awesome game and I really would like to see more people cosplaying it. 
 Of course there are amazing people, who's managed to do an amazing cosplay. 

Another person I absolutely love is Midna 
I love both of her forms, but I still can't decide which would be better to cosplay :/ 

Here is some amazing people in even more amazing cosplay of Midna

And the human form:

 I do not own any of these images, all the glory goes to the cosplyers :D

Love Ola

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  1. Thanks for the top picture, working on a cosplay and this gives perfect dimensions for all the leather work