Thursday, 15 September 2011

My sister's first nail tutorial vidoe

 This is my sister's first YouTube Nail Tutorial video. Tbh it is pretty crap quality, but it's because of the camera settings. >.< Bless her. She is a nail god :D She does my nails a lot, there is a chest of draws full of acrilic powder, brushes and nail tips. Ohh madness. Love it. Expect better quality videos soon. Hope you enjoy :D
Btw if you are one of the people that are thinking, where is the glitter? WELL, at the end she puts a form over it, and it is acrilic mixed with glitter. That is where the glitter went, can't see it clearly, but it looks good. I will ask her to do them and post pictures of it later on.


Love Ola 

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