Monday, 20 June 2011

Sandplay singing of the dragon, Miku Hatsune, planning of the cosplay

The first picture is Miku's original dress and the second  is a sketch of what I want my cosplay to look like. I drew it in my Maths lesson xD

I know this isn't what the original Miku's dress looks like, but I think that this skirt suits the cosplay more. The dress is going to be more puffy then the picture, but I just wanted the basic idea of it. The inside and the outside of the dress are separate. I am already half-way through the outer skirt. I finished the the tunnels for the boning and, already put the boning in. The idea of this skirt was inspired by dresses form 1800's. Mainly it was the back of it that i was interested in. The boning is there to make sure the skirt isn't flat in the back and sticks out. Then I have to saw on separate layers of  black fabric and purple and black netting, this have to be made into frills. i do that by scrunching up the material before it reaches the needle of the sawing machine. The bits that reach the floor and made of only the black material. For this dress I choose a shiny black material, but I made a mistake of choosing the wrong quality; I choose fabric that easily frays, which made it harder for me as i have to hem every bit of the material before I can use it. The inner skirt is a normal skirt that I own, but I'm going to add some more texture to it. 

The corset is a bit tricky as I have to find material that matches the pattern of the original. I was thinking of making it myself, but after comparing the costs, I decided it would be better if I bought it. On average a corset  would cost up to £20, and that is only plain. After getting the corset I would have to customize it to my liking.

The sleeves are going to be made into a little jacket that joins in the back but doesn't go as far as to where the skirt would start, so i would say about mid-length of my back. The end are going to be extended and texturized  with netting or puffy material. 

The headwear is going to be made out of a small hat with crocodile clips like attached underneath. To that black and purple netting and ribbon are going to be added. The ribbons are going to extend to mid-way of the wig. 

Another thing that is need is the wig. It has to be curly. The one I have is a little lighter then this and a bit longer to about my hip. Since I'm not the shortest ever and neither tall (160 cm), the measurements and the lengths or things would suit most people.
 I will update as I make it. ^^ 

Love Ola  :3 

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