Friday, 17 June 2011

Hime Lolita inspired Eye lash holder/board

Recently I've been in a Lolita mood, I have always like but I never tried to be a lolita; Well I did 'dress up' as a Lolita, but that didn't counts as it wasn't done properly. Before my exams started I was really bored, and i decided my bedroom needed some decoration. I made this board out things that i found in my bedroom, so I didn't spend a lot of money on it. It's something that will look pretty :D I also use this to hold my lenses, eye lash glue and eye drops. I use the tweezers to take out the eye lashes I want.

You will need:
  • Cardboard form a drawing pad
  • Pink paper or any other colour of your choice
  • Lace for decoration
  • Ribbons or/and bows
  • See-through packaging or harder plastic bag (not food bag)
  • Sellotape 

1) First, start with a base, for mine I used the cardboard back of a drawing pad. 
I cut it then to the proportions I want. 

2) Next I stuck the pink paper onto the cardboard.

3) Then I turned it around and started to stick the lace at the back, far enough for it to stick, but not as far for it not to show. 

4) Decorate the board with stickers or writing, you can also stick bows or ribbons on the lace or the board. It is for you to decide :3

5) The pockets are more tricky, I made them out of normal see-through packaging I found around my house.
Any hard see-through plastic will do, but don't use anything like food bags, because they are too soft and the effect won't be the same.

In the picture above, I drew arrows to each side, to show you, so you know what I'm talking about.

5a) First cut out a square, the size depends on you and how big your board is, but mine is around 10cm wide and 6cm tall.
Start by placing the plastic square on the board, make sure you have enough space, so when you fold it over itself it won't be out of the board. Place a small pice of Sallotape (red cross section).
5b) Then fold it over itself, fold the bottom a little bit so the pice of sallotape is folded inside. Secure the bottom with more tape.

5c) Squeeze the sides of the plastic square towards the middle, this will provide more space inside the pocket. Secure the sides with sallotape.

6) Stick some decorations on the sides of the plastic squares to cover up the tape.
** For lenses make the square bigger as the lens cases are much bigger.

7) Add more decorations if you want
And you are finished ^^

If you made one yourself and you want to share it feel free to do so <3

Love Ola :D 

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