Tuesday, 7 June 2011

London MCM

Last weekend I went to MCM expo in London :L
I cosplayed Alois, I went with my friends who also cosplayed Kuroshitsuji.
in our group there was a Ciel, Grell and Pluto. Later on we met few more people and we joined into big Kuro group <3 And here is some pictures of us :D
Alois and Ciel :D 

Alois likes <3 

(from left) Elizabeth, Sebastian, Alois and Ciel 

Kuroshitsuji photoshoot :D

More Kuro people 

Even more Kuro people 

And the awesome rape xD

On sunday we cosplayed Volcaloid Matryoshka. I was Miku, Arii was Luka and Shannon was Neru. We meet sooo many amazing cosplayers <3 Love you all :D

                                                                          Miku and Luka 

We met other Volcaloids :D

Neru, Luka and Miku 

Love Ola <3

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