Saturday, 7 May 2011


 Ok, this is my first Lolita dress up. I got the outfit together for this Japanese street style competition. The outfit is actually stuff that i borrowed from my friends >.< . The dress is from Blue Banana, and I wearing a tutu and a puffy skirt underneath the dress to make the bottom of the dress more puffy. The wig is meant for Lizzy from Kuroshitsuji, but bvecause it look very lolita-like I decided to use it. My make-up was done by my friend. I'm waering a full coverage, fake eyelashes, eye liner, pink eye shadow, foundation and a lot of blusher. I wanted to make my skin paler, so I used a foundation that was 2 shades lighter then my actuall sking tone. Also I'm wearing cirlce lenses, I-Fairy Green Hanabi 16.2mm.

I'm really happy with the final photos, as we managed to take all the shots in around 20 minutes :) I really loved it! The make-up tho too longer then that :D can't really complain ;P


  1. Bitch this is my dress :P Laaaaav you ♥

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