Sunday, 10 July 2011

EDIT Glimmer Blue Contact Lenses Review

Few month ago I ordered EDIT blue lenses form Body Jewellery Shop (here is a link to their website, they have a lot of accessories like: different types of jewelry, body piercing, contact lenses and more. Few minutes after ordering the lenses i received an e-mail with conformation of purchase. Few days later (3-5 days) I received the lenses. The shipping is free to UK&International if you spend over £10. Or if you buying a really heavy thing then that changes :D.  That is very convenient because there lenses cost £12.99 :P 

When i received the lenses they were in a small
 box like this                

Inside the were two little bottles with lenses in them, you have to be really careful when taking them out. NOTE: you do NOT get a free lens case or solution with purchase of these lenses! 

The color of these lenses is very bright and I would say it would cover up even dark eyes. I have green eyes and it covered up the green completely. They don't look natural with no make-up. The first time i got them I thought they looked freaky in my eye and so did I. Then I added some make-up and it looked better :) 
I would strongly recommend wearing make-up with these. 

This is how the contact looks in the eye with flash. As you can see it is very bright. If you look closely you can see the pattern of the lens, unfortunately i couldn't take a picture of the lens by itself because of my crap camera :D Anyways the pattern is squiggly blue lines going into the middle. This allows some of your natural color show through :) 

COMFORT : 7/10 
It took my eyes quite a while to get used to these lenses :'(, they were very uncomfortable at the beginning, they kept moving every time I blinked, I was aware of them the whole time I had them in. After few times of wearing them (and I mean few hours not minutes) they finally settled and stopped moving but I was still aware of them. While wearing them my vision was a bit blurred and I could see the blue, but I got used to it after a while :L  The good side of this was they didn't irritate my eyes- they didn't hurt or water all the time or at all. 

DESIGN : 8/10
The design was very interesting, from far away it looked like it covered the whole eye, but close up it did show some of the natural color of my eye. Personally I think the color was too bright and sometimes I looked freaky wearing them -_-' 

OVERALL : 8/10
Overall I was happy with them and the only downs of these lenses was the discomfort and brightness of the color. Also the thing that disappointed me a bit was that there wasn't a case to go with the lenses. I wouldn't recommend these lenses to people who look for a very natural look, but I would recommend it to people who aren't afraid of bright colors <--- doesn't make sense, but you know what I mean :D NOTE: They are for 90 wears not days !

Before I finish 2 more pictures of the whole face with the lenses :D They were both taken in morning light ;D You can see how the make-up makes it look better and less freaky ;) 

Love Ola <3


  1. more pics in the ligtz!!

  2. I made exactly the same experience you made with these lenses. I wouldn't buy them again and wouldn't recommend them.

  3. NICE Post i have one on the way also, a Colour vision 1 year span Glimmer blue contacts, can't wait to try and review them on blog.

  4. Hi I have just bought my EDIT contact lenses. They are this kind of "underworld" blue what I wanted for special occasion. However, my eyes felt like on fire. I had a feeling of little knifes in my eyes and my vision was blue and not sharp at all. I've taken them out immediately; my eyes are still very irritated by the experience. It was my very first experience with contact lenses so I don't know if my eyes need a little adjustment and this horrific reaction is normal??

    1. Did you have the contact lenses the right way around ?

    2. No that is not a normal reaction to lenses! When you put a lens in you should experience some discomfort but that's becasue your eye is trying to adjust to the lens, but you shold never, never expirience pain or burning. With these lenses I had a blury vision as well, and it was a horrible experience, I would never buy these again or recomend them! Please get rid of the lenses you bought, they are not worth it, it better to invest more money into the lenses, personally I would recomend getting circle leses, you can get them in various sizes:) i hope that helped!
      Love, Ola

  5. ola get soleko light blue if your looking for good comfort i have those and if feels like you have nothing in your eyes ..ive had acuvue before and they sucked comfort wise but soleko light blue is awesome cheers and i just ordered blue glimmer cuz i like freakishly light blue eyes i have 9mmsfx vampyre blue which are they lightest blue contacts that ive ever put on but the downside to those are that they fade quickly so i save them only for when i see my special someone and im gonna to make glimmer blue my everyday contacts cheers