Friday, 29 July 2011

Gyaru summer project- Agejo

My friend May Kay and me tried out Agejo style.
My hair were mostly done by May Kay :D Fannkkk YYOOUUU ;D

Front, and dont dis May Kay told me to do a serious face, it didnt work =_=

Side <3


The sexy lower lashes are May Kay's they kept coming off so i stuck the end into my eye >.< but it worked :D 
Final result, very nice :)

We started to take 'serious business' pictures, but half way we just photo boomed ;L To see rest of the awesome pictures go here. :D I think we did well as for our first time doing this style :D 

Nails that my sister did later on that day :D

Left hand 

Right hand 

Love Ola <3

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