Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autum Make up

Here is my look for Autum.

This season you will see a lot of purple and plum eyeshadows and orange lipsticks.

I used one of my mum's purple eye shadows, but I couldn't get the colour I wanted so I mixed it with some dark blue. 

You can't see them that well in this picture, but if you look futher down you will see they are quite volumised. I didn't bother separating them with a brush. The maskara I used is by:
Lovely Collagen Wear, Volumising Mascara. (will do a futher review). 

Circle Lenses:
I am wearing GEO Super Angel Blue Here is my review for them.

The colour didn't come out the well in this picture. You can see the colour more clearly in the pictures below. 
First I primed my lips with vaseline and concealer.
I used Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in 051 Bubble Gum.
Over that closer to the inside of my mouth I put 
Essence Ballerina Backstage in 01 Wear your little Tutu.

Love Ola.

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  1. I really love the colour of your bubblegum lipstick. I found a tester in my local store the other day but they are completely sold out everywhere! :( I want it!

    Just found your blog, now following!
    Maybe you could follow me back? :)

    Laura xx