Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Haircut in Trendy/Poland

The other day I went to a really cool salon. They washed my hair and gave me a super relaxing massage :D My hair were super damaged, they needed a lot of cutting. I didn't have a haircut for a while so it was refreshing.
 The hairdresser was really good. He didn't pull my hair at all and was really careful and cut my hair like I wanted him to. The only thing that I wasn't happy with was my fringe, a little bit too short. I have layers like before, because it suits me better. Also the length is almost the same. The salon I went to was called Trendy and I paid around 55zł.

Bad quality and a stupid expression, sorry.

I used some products to fluff up my hair, so they are more volumised, I will blog about the products I used later on, because I found a super volumising product.

A long awaited video for a song I found ages ago please enjoy :D

As well as Lady Gaga's new video:

Love Ola  :D

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