Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mizukitty Lashes - Sweet Ribbon Series (Eyemazing)

I found a advert for them in August issue of Ageha and I got interested in them. Since they are really cute and the packaging is pretty I decided to blog about them :D.  Mizuki Nishikawa (also known as Mizukitty) teamed up with Eyemazing and  is launching her first (I think) Lash Series; Sweet Ribbon Series. There are 4 types in the series with 3 pairs inside; it was released in Japan on 8th of June, which was some time ago, so I guess they will be available to buy in England.

An advert form Ageha August 2011 issue.

All 4 types in the series. 

No. 301
Teppan Mizukitty Eye 
( テッパンみずきてぃeye)

 Mizuki wearing them, with a close up of how they look. Here she used No. 302 (bottom lashes)

No. 302
Chonchon Sweet Droopy Eye 
(チョンチョン系 甘タレ目)

A close up in the previous picture. 

No. 303
Clear Natural Big Eye

No. 304 
Adult Partial Lashes 

Overall these series are super cute with super cute packaging and super cute design. Personally I would like to try out No. 301, No.302 and/or No.303 

Love Ola :D 

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