Friday, 5 August 2011

GEO Magic Colour Brown (BC-102) Lens Review

Another Review of GEO's. I love them, they're really comfortable and look very natural :D
I bough these a while back at the MCM London Expo form a GEO stall.

Diameter: 14.0mm
Life span: 1 year after opening 

The pattern is very similar to GEO Hurricane. It only covers the outline of your pupil :D 

Now for some pictures :D
Sorry for the crap quality, my camera is quite old  =_=
Without flash 

With flash 

Both eyes, sorry for the creepy look 0 ///// 0

 Comfort 5/5
Easy to put in, soft and thin. I don't notice them when I wear them for a whole day, but after few hours my eyes get dry, and that's when I use eye drops :D 

Appearance 3/5
From far away it looks like I have brown eyes, but when I get closer it looks like a brown ring. They blend in well with the eye. 

Largment 4/5
They are only 14.0mm so they won't give a massive difference, but they give the feeling of  'she's wearing lenses' ^_^ And they look quite natural, i don't need all the make-up to balance it out. They are for my lazy days ;A; 

I would recommend them for first circle lenses experience. It's nothing outrageous, very natural and quite cheap as for a circle lens.


For Hetalia lovers, a really nice song.... I love it soo much >.< what a great parring ;) 

Love Ola <3 

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  1. wow these go heaps good with your natural eye colour! You look so cute too. :-)