Sunday, 16 October 2011

Autumn shopping hauls/Giveaway preview/3000+ views

First of all thanks to all the people that follow my blog and all the people that support by blog in ant way. I feel like I'm getting somewhere with this blog now :3
Something happen to my mum and she decided to take me out shopping :D
We didn't but much, oh I'm so ungrateful. 
I found a new way to do my make-up, suits my eyes more ;)
I have curly hair...wooahh... I put it up in a bun for a night and used a curl defined I bought in Poland.
RESULT, it worked awesomely, even after 3 days the curls are still here. Will review it later.

Clothes Hauls:
Brown Cardigan  £20-25, New Look
Tights around £5 New Look
These babies, bought them ages ago £20

I combined them into an outfit.

It was on sale! It's nice to have matching underwear :3
Bra -£4
Knicker- £2
New Look

Over the knee socks -£ 4.99 
New Look

Fluffy hat- £9.99
New Look
 My morning face- lush
 Make-up hauls:
Collection 2000- Pressed Powder 18 IVORY
Collection 2000- Sheer Loose Powder 2 TRANSLUCENT
Hair Clip from Claire's
Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstic 051 BUBBLE GUM
A plushie from Milano (local shop)
Collection 2000- Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner

 This is what I have been feeding off for past few days -__-' Yesterday I ate a curry flavoured one, and when I woke up this morning I smelled like curry O_O ....bleeh... never again >.<

Sneak peak of my upcoming giveaway. The main prize, a lolita inspired skirt. Other prizes, big and small bows :3, make sure you tune in for it :D

As you can see not complete yet, but almost there.

Love Ola

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